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So much metal


Hello! I hope everyone is doing as well as possible considering the past year. What a nightmare...but here we are, onward and upward! Everything on this side is getting back to normal, Mychal, Aaron, Jason and Adam are simply the best and without them, this post would be much darker. Thank you guys, you mean the world to me. This also goes for all you reading this, your patience through this time is so undeserved, but appreciated more than I can ever tell you. Thank you, seriously Thank you. Now, let's make some rad instruments and play loud, soul cleansing shows. I'll see you soon. All my best, Kevin

Bolt On necks


It was brought to my attention today that folks didn't know we make bolt on aluminum necks? Yes we do! From all the years of building and designing, we have lots of templates available.

Listed below are the standard versions we make(they come standard with Grover Rotomatic Tuners and Jescar stainless steel frets):

24.00 inch scale short scale guitar neck with F style round neck heel

25.5 inch scale guitar neck with F style round and square neck heel

25.5 inch "60" guitar neck with square neck heel

27.78 baritone conversion neck with F style round and square neck heel

30.00 inch "6" bass neck with F style round heel

34.00 inch bass neck with F style round heel

34.00 inch "40" bass neck with square heel

And just about anything else. Please contact us through the website if interested. Soon these will be selectable as the instruments.

New and fantastic things


Hello all! I know its been quite a year for everyone, it seems there is a light at the end of the tunnel soon with all the vaccines coming out, so please keep being safe for yourself and everyone else. We are currently retooling the EGC and Travis Bean Designs websites to reflect all the new things going on. So check back soon and you'll see lots of new things.