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Bolt on necks


Starting last year, we began offering bolt on necks, this has proven to be a wonderful way to let people get some of that sound, without having to go all out. There have been a host of people beginning to get in on this so I'm simply going to lay out why ours are the best. With 18 yrs of metal neck building under my belt, you can know it will be done right, adhesives, frets, tuners and all that goes into it have been refined for decades. Also one major difference is that we make our necks with a headstock angle, this makes the machining process more complicated, but if fixes the flaws with a flat headstock. It might take a bit longer to machine, but you are making a better product and that is what I'm worried with...making the nest version of whatever I'm making. These will eventually be available via the website, but for now, email and work great. Here is a list of the necks with pricing:    

25.5 scale(round F style and square F style heel) 750.00usd with all hardware + shipping

25.5 scale(60 style square heel) 750.00usd with all hardware + shipping. 

27.5 baritone conversion neck(round and square heel) 750.00usd with all hardware + shipping.

34.00 scale(round F style heel, 40 style square heel) 800.00usd with all hardware + shipping

To order, its 300.00usd down and the rest when its complete, we generally invoice through PayPal, but can take any payment.

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