Electrical Guitar Company was born out of a complete obsession of the aluminum neck and guitar world. This "world" was rather small 25 yrs ago, you could basically grab a Travis Bean and give it hell on the road. Then the unexpected, Travis Bean's shot up in value and in fear of my own guitar(s) getting stolen, I decided to make one by combining all my favorite parts of all the guitars I played into one and thus started EGC. Those who have had a chance to play an aluminum neck instrument rarely go back.  With aluminum, you are capable of generating some of the most beautiful tones.  Conversely, you can create some of the harshest sounds ever imagined. From Duane Denison to Tom Petersson to Ken Andrews, almost anything is available simply by the way you play and the response of the instrument. By making almost everything on the instrument in house, even down to the covers of the pickups, we have completely refined EGC and defined an entire category of instruments. Kevin Burkett continues the legacy of producing amazing aluminum instruments through Electrical Guitar Company.

Necessity really is the mother of invention.  In 2003, when Kevin Burkett was playing in bands and touring some and recording, he realized that he had been priced out of his favorite Travis Bean instruments. He wanted to keep playing metal-necked instruments, but he didn’t want to risk taking his Beans out to play at shows.  Being the problem solver that he is, he saved up enough money to buy some aluminum, drew up some sketches of his instruments, put the metal in the back of his 1981 Honda Civic and drove around to every machine shop in town until he found one machinist willing to talk to him.  Will Fitzpatrick told Kevin that he would teach him the skills to create his own metal-necked guitar.  The rest, as they say, is history.  Eventually, Kevin started making his instruments for other people and his passion turned into business.  To date, Electrical Guitar Company has made over sixteen hundred instruments for some of the best customers in the world.