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End of the year 2022!


We made it! These past few years have been simply wild and Im looking forward to calmer days. We have a great deal of stuff coming up in 2023, but for now the big new is we are using T7075-T651 aluminum instead of T6061-T651. This will allow us to do some really cool things that cannot be done with 6000 series aluminum. 7000 series is much stronger, holds a deeper shine much longer and enables us to tap tune each instrument for maximum resounance and articulation. Another cool thing is we have added PEC mil spec pots to our line of USAF/Nasa grade components. Tone is paramount and overkill is the standard.

We will have a new phone system shortly to allow EGC Northern Command(the actual machine shop located in Birmingham Al. Jealous?) and the EGC southern command(Jason Hurt) together. The current AT&T version is not dependable and insanely frustrating on our end and we can only imagine how frustring it is for you, we cant apologize enough ofr how bad AT&T's phone service is. John Oliver is spot on with his take on them by the way. Until the new system is completed/installed, please call 205-529-6746 with any questions or just email info@.... to contact us.

We hope everyone has safe holidays and thank each and every one of you for the support over all these years. Its been a blast and heres to 20 more!

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