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Series Two Review


Here's a stunning review Fletcher Stewart wrote for about his Series Two #586.

Website Redesign


We are pleased to announce our redesigned website is up and running.  It’s the same address (, but we’ve made a few changes that we’d like to address right off the bat.  We have divided EGC production into three lines: EGC Classic, EGC Signature, and EGC Custom; and we ask that you initiate your order from the website.  We hope this will help streamline the ordering and production process and let you know what to expect as far pricing, estimated wait times, and communication while your instrument is awaiting/undergoing production. Also, we have raised our prices.  We have adjusted our Classic and Signature lines to adjust for inflation, which was long overdue (please note: we have not increased prices on most of our models since 2003, during which time the price of aluminum has doubled).  However, if we have quoted you a price via email during the last 6 months, we will honor that price so as to not spring the change on people who may have been saving up for a deposit based on our quote. 

The prices and wait times for the Custom shop have increased for a couple of reasons.  First, we needed to adjust for inflation. Second, in order to streamline our production process we need to allow more time to realistically fulfill the custom orders as well as be adequately compensated for the amount of time that goes into the research, development, programming and production of the custom instruments. 

We hope you understand that all of these changes are necessary for our long-term sustainability. We redesigned the website out of a desire to help improve our communication with you during your ordering process and subsequent wait time for the production of your instrument.

More updates and happy new year.


So first off happy new year. 2011 has been an exciting year on many levels thanks to all of you. As for news, EGC has bought a new Haas Vf-3, this is a giant step in the direction I have always wanted to go. This will enable us to do everything in house and with that, do some really cool things that just were not possible before. 2012 is setting up to be the best year so far with some very exciting news on the horizon. Ill keep you posted, till see you on the interwebs. -