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More updates and happy new year.


So first off happy new year. 2011 has been an exciting year on many levels thanks to all of you. As for news, EGC has bought a new Haas Vf-3, this is a giant step in the direction I have always wanted to go. This will enable us to do everything in house and with that, do some really cool things that just were not possible before. 2012 is setting up to be the best year so far with some very exciting news on the horizon. Ill keep you posted, till see you on the interwebs. -



I'm adding a bunch of pics. Theres been alot of very cool guitars coming out. Keep the ideas coming.

Also have revamped the EGC500, its basically a more refined C500. It features an EGC bridge and a final weight of 8.5lbs.

All basses will now feature an EGC string through bridge.

All bridges are made in house and feature stainless steel screws/springs and are triple chrome plated brass. Verys excited on these.


New pics


I have been build up alot of pics that have not been posted. Ill be adding them over the next weeks. About 50 guitars worth and alot out of exotic woods and new aluminun shapes.

Going to be doing some aluminum drum sets and they are being design by Dale Crover. Very very excited about this. One of the best drummers of all time! Go see the Melvins and get the new record, its damn good.